Santander :: Student Mentoring Network

Whilst at Hogarth I was responsible for overseeing the UX and Development of a new Student Portal for Santander that allows students to team up with mentors and allows them to gain work experience. The platform I chose was BuddyPress and great care was taken to ensure that the User Journeys and User Experience was married exactly to the BuddyPress platform ensuring massive efficiencies within the build. The site has lots of functionality including video uploads, YouTube channels, twitter feeds, private and public messages, secure areas etc. I also had to meet the client on numerous occasions to discuss the projects ongoing developments.

University and School Club Nights

I organised my first club night, Anonymity, when i was 16 and still at school. The music was house (great tracks from the early 90’s) and it was based in Henley-on-Thames, the UK club mecca! After that i tried a few more including, The One on One which all went extremely well. The final one was snowed off and I lost all my gap year savings! Opps! Not deterred i went on to organise a range of Club Nights at university  to assist with my student income, including Mindwarp (a trance party) and Flavour, Phunk and Spunk (student orientated house nights!)

Digital Art :: Learning PhotoShop