UKCIP :: Consultancy, UX, Design & Build

I was required to discuss, spec and build an interactive Climate Change application for UKCIP (UK Climate Impacts Programme) via Oxford Universities Advanced Learning Department. It was built in Flash and featured 5 separate applications with video that educated businesses about the impact of Climate change and how to mitigate against changes in it. The overall UI was 3D based, utilising a carousel-based engine and the individual applications featured a range of interactive, learning-based elements ranging from games to more standard drag and drop interactions.

Intel :: Code Debugging

I was recruited briefly to work from home, helping with a project’s flash implementation that was based around a virtual world.

Dove :: Flash Bug solving & ActionScript assistance

Working over a weekend from home to resolve numerous issues within a flash site that was due to launch at 9 am on the following Monday. All issues were either resolved or if there wasn’t time an explanation was supplied for how to fix the issue that their developers could address the next week.

Cisco :: Flash Banners & HTML Emails

Contracted directly by Cisco to work on an ad hoc basis remotely from home via secure access to their intranet. Work included an html email template for their UK Directors and numerous web banners in both flash and graphic formats.