Merrill Lynch :: Flash Presentation Editing

Editing and script tweaking on a Flash-based presentation for this leading investment bank.

Nokia :: Product Website Prototyping

Creation and deployment of an interactive site demonstration for their new mobile phone branding. It was to be presented to the global marketing executives of Nokia. MovingBrands supplied me with the visuals and videos and a series of story boards and I had to build the site via Flash. The site and demonstration included numerous interactive elements and a wealth of audio effects.

Vodafone :: Product Presentation

Creation of an interactive Flash presentation for Vodafones’ executives explaining the next generation mobile technologies. Use of AS1 and AS2 to bring their Adobe Illustrator slides to life, navigation was controlled via the keyboard using the same commands as PowerPoint. It was published and distributed both as an .exe and a CD-ROM.

KPMG Consulting :: Flash Animation & Charts for PowerPoint

Series of animated flash-templates that I designed and embedded into PowerPoint. Work included an animated/ branded introduction, animated world map, interactive pie charts, flow charts and dynamic, updateable data.

Consignia :: Presentation for Post Office rebranding

Screened at the Crucible, for the Post Offices rebranding as Consignia. Contained a wealth of ActionScript, stunning animations and high-resolution photography and a wealth of creative table and chart effects.