HyperNaked :: Freelance Technical Director

Hyper is a phenomenally successful creative media agency whose clients include Nokia, Cadburys and Sony. They have just merged with Naked to form HyperNaked. I was recruited by them as freelance Technical Director to assist with technical guidance and leadership on two concurrent projects for their clients, Cadburys and Pedigree. It was also my duty to act as a creative technologist and contributre to a pitch for a potential client.

Pedigree :: IA & Tech Specifications

Whilst contracting as Technical Director at HyperNaked I was required to assist them technically with their work on the Pedigree account for a new product launch, ‘The JumBone’. The concept was a Facebook page and website with an embeded flash application for users to upload pictures and videos of their dog and then create and record sound effects in the ‘nom generator’ to sync with it. Once happy with the result a user could then recompile the video and submit it for consideration in the ‘Non-stop Nom film’ and share it with friends for their amusement or further viral participation. I was responsible for working with both the creative’s at the concepting stage and then with the Account Director in order to produce the Information Architecture (IA) documentation and the Technical and Functional Specifications.