Tetleys :: Microsite for 'Help the Heroes'

Just done a Tetleys Microsite helping raise money for the ‘Help the Heroes’ campaign for British service men. Based in WordPress, it features a cookie-based age gate, and a client-editable area for updating the campaigns success.

Next :: Consultancy, UX & Build

EMC is one of the world’s leading IT Consultancies and I was required to create the UX and then build a video-rich microsite for Next’s Winter Advertising Campaign. Timings were very tight as the TV ad campaign had been already booked and there was no technical documentation or user journeys’ supplied. Having established just what was required, I was able to create a great User Experience (UX) by delivering a beautiful, compelling, engaging, rich website with streamed videos, interviews, extensive effects and tweening that adhered to the clients and consultancies high expectations within the this astonishing timeframe.

MTV :: 3 fake investment bank websites

These supported an anti slavery campaign for MTV. Also used detailed tracking via both Reinvigorate and Google Analytics and streamed video.

McDonalds :: Microsite & Nutrition Calculator

I was responsible for the entire development of a Flash-based microsite that supported a major TV and Press promotion promoting the new nutritional content of their happy meal choice meals. The site, aimed at mothers and children, featured a wealth of content including a nutritional calculator that enabled a user to select their desired meal combination and it’s nutritional content. All content had to be both accessible and trackable.

Parcel Force :: HTML MicroSite

HTML micro-site with JavaScript & CSS for Parcel Force’s online presence at the leading Internet auction site, eBay.com.