Ellas Kitchen :: Global Website, Email and eCRM Platform

Ellas Kitchen, a Billington Cartmell client, is one of the worlds leading organic baby food manufacturers and i was responsible for the build and roll out of a new eCRM platform that consisted of a multi-site WordPress-based platform for websites with email, Facebook and customer service functionality built in.

Global Website Platform with Localised Sites

The website was designed on the clients request to emulate the cartoon look and feel of the brand including ‘wiggly borders’ on all assets. The site was a full rebuild mainly in PHP and HTML5 with the odd flash asset for selected animation. Full localisation for European territories, America and Australia is possible and further territories could be added at will. All content and functional modules could be seamlessly deployed between territories creating both content aggregation, convenience and economies of scale. Customer details were also stored centrally and a Single Customer view was achieved that proves invaluable in email marketing and intelligent design and communication. eCommerce was the most recent addition to the platform enabling all their products to be purchased and their inventory to be managed centrally.

Email Marketing

Part of the eCRM Platform was the ability for the client to login and create targeted email campaigns at will from editable templates that we had designed for them. Using Campaign Monitors API we seamlessly connected the global customer view from the websites and Facebook apps into a filterable mail list enabling detailed user segmentation for the creation and serving of highly targeted messaging.

Facebook Apps

The final significant piece to the Ellas Kitchen eCRM platform was the Facebook App management technology that we encoded within the environment and ran off a multi-site SSL. This enabled Facebook Apps to be deployed as easily as a new site, containing all the predefined generic functionality that apps require like like-gates, accepting permissions, sharing, identifying top ten friends, storing user data etc. The only ‘work’ that needed doing was the creative and content layer to sit on top.

To find out more about the Facebook Apps I technically directed for Ellas Kitchen please click here.

Albert Bartlett :: Global Website Platform

Whilst at Billington Cartmell we built a global website platform for Albert Bartlett, the leading grower, packager and suppliers of potatoes. The client wanted a platform that could scale efficiently over time and permit a range of sites from full functionality localised sites enabling each territory to maintain autonomy through bespoke content, varying tone of voice and look and feel. The platform was based on a heavily modified version of WordPress running in multisite mode and had eCRM functionality built in as well for seamless email marketing via Campaign Monitors API. We built the site on a Twitter Bootstrap-based framework enabling both wire-framing, IA and prototyping to be done in the browser with pixel perfect designs and layouts that could be ‘coloured in’ after approval. This novel and time-efficiently approach saved a lot of time and money compared to similar projects. Other bits of functionality included a database of their suppliers that populated an Ajax-based map, a compete product section, clever url rewriting and an interactive history of the brand. The following is my quote taken from the press release:
“Utilising the latest technology we’ve built a solid technical foundation for Albert Bartlett  to launch and explore various market opportunities with the greatest efficiency and minimal cost. Developed upon a modular based platform, heavily customised by our in-house developers, features can be added and removed from any channel or individual sites at will. Additionally content can be centrally managed and then pushed to individual territories sites for localisation by the client or the local agency….”

Ellas Kitchen :: Global Websites, Banners & Facebook Apps

Whilst Technical Director at Billington Cartmell I was responsible for all digital work produced for their client Ellas Kitchen, the leading baby food manufacturer. The work involved the full mix of digital channels including a global website framework, ecommerce, facebook apps, HTML5 and Flash banners and client-editible email campaigns. In addition I was also responsible for the vetting and tweaking of their first nationwide TV campaign, thus ensuring that it and the assets created could be leverage efficiently within an highly interactive digital campaign too. I had numerous strategic and technical meetings with the client and related third parties and attended focus groups with mothers in order to investigate proposed routes.