DoDec :: Flash Sites, Banners, Games & Emails

In addition to designing sites for both DoDec and its sister company DoSo, I also was responsible for developing and designing for clients including Tefal, Rowenta, Bonus Print, Krups, ForeMost Villas, Director UK, Credit UK and Youth2Youth.

Tefal :: 3D Racing Game, Flash Banners and Email

3D Racing Game and 2 Flash Banners and an email for Dodecs client, Tefal.

Rowenta :: 3 Flash Banners

3 Flash Banners for Dodecs client, Rowenta.

Bonus Print :: 2 Flash Banners

2 Flash Banners for Dodecs client, Bonus Print.

Krups :: Html Email Design and Build

Html Email for Dodecs client, Krups.

ForeMost Villas :: MySQL driven Flash Site

MySQL driven Flash Site with Advanced ActionScript for Dodecs clients, ForeMost Villas a leading estate agent.

Director UK :: Flash Map & new site navigation

Flash Map and new site navigation for Dodecs client, Director UK.  

Youth2Youth :: Flash Comms Server Chat Room & Interactive Forms

Flash Communications Server based Chat Room and flash-based interactive forms for Dodecs client, Youth2Youth.