Starbucks :: Website Rebuild

Whilst at Saatchi and Saatchi I was responsible for overseeing the London-based rebuilding and populating of a website that had been initially built for Starbucks by their American-based web development agency. The overriding issue was the lack of flexibility in the existing AS3 code to implement content changes efficiently and I advocated the rewriting of the classes to cater for an xml-based content structure for easy updating and localization and to ensure future coding compatibility.

Merrill Lynch :: Flash Presentation Editing

Editing and script tweaking on a Flash-based presentation for this leading investment bank.

Metropolitan Police :: AS3 Website Bug Solving

Bug solving on a Flash 9, AS3 site built by a freelancer.

Live Group :: Code optimization for PDA voting software

Fixing bugs that they were experiencing when running their interactive Flash-based research and polling software on PDA’s via wireless networks. I was also responsible for optimising the performance. :: Amending Flash UI for .Net Holiday Site

I was recruited to amend a Flash UI on a .Net-based holiday reservation site that ran web services. The main amendments were to add the ability for subscribers to amend their holidays’ itinerary and fix a variety of outstanding bugs that had been left by the two previous Flash Developers.

Pelagon :: Flash UI for .NET Print Annotation Software

Responsible for redeveloping the Flash front-end, ironing out any existing bugs and adding additional functionality. The finished product had the ability for users to annotate, edit and preview their print jobs remotely, create different levels of users, follow amendment histories and collaborate in real-time.

Intel :: Code Debugging

I was recruited briefly to work from home, helping with a project’s flash implementation that was based around a virtual world.

Dove :: Flash Bug solving & ActionScript assistance

Working over a weekend from home to resolve numerous issues within a flash site that was due to launch at 9 am on the following Monday. All issues were either resolved or if there wasn’t time an explanation was supplied for how to fix the issue that their developers could address the next week.