DEFRA :: WordPress Site

Seven is a Digital Customer Engagement Agency who make, manage and monetise print, video, digital, social and mobile content for clients like Sainsburys and Virgin. I was recruited by them to create a WordPress-based site for DEFRA, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs to replace their existing print-based magazine, Landscape. Built using WordPress 3.1 the image heavy site was designed from the ground up to mimic the incumbent magazine. The theme was built as a child-theme of twentyten designed to run in a multi site environment.  Due to this multisite setup and it being hosted on government servers, a prerequisite of site was that the theme would have its core functionality embeded, minimizing its reliance on external plugins. The vast array of bespoke functionality included:
  • Enabling multiple issue creation Colour coded sections Bespoke CMS configurations Mass of photography-based functionality *Please note the site is currently only available to DEFRA’s employees.

Integra CLO :: WordPress Site

Integra Community Living Options provides residential support and rehabilitation for men and women with enduring mental health issues and complex needs between the ages of 18 to 64. I was commissioned by them to build a new website to replace their rather dated original site. Built using WordPress, the site closely follows their branding guidelines to produce a clean, simple interface enabling visitors to find exactly what they want, easily. The site was setup to be instantly scalable and self managed by their various staff.

Gracelands Yard :: BuddyPress Site

Gracelands yard is basically a collective of alternative therapists and practitioners working together to offer a vast array of health therapies. I was asked to build a site that complemented their easy going surroundings and philosophy whilst conveying a wealth of information about the services and classes on offer. I used a multisite instance of wordpress and added the powerful buddypress plugin. Each practioner had their own sub domain microsite within the gracelands umbrella site enabling them to control and administer their own content on the site whilst contributing as editors to the main site. Each sub domain also had the ability to render as a bespoke standalone site too. Groups and forums were also requested although they haven’t seen much use yet!

OS-Digital :: WordPress Site

I have just finished a new wordpress-based website for Outsorcery, a leading London-based creative studio. Its a portfolio-based site with a crisp, modern design. Features included dynamic content dependant on page keywords and an interactive flash based portfolio section. It was built as a child theme of my own D1g1tal theme.

Digital :: Social Network in BuddyPress

digital2Have just finished a social network-based site for my company, Digital, that’s based on the BuddyPress platform albeit with a lot of advanced, bespoke functionality.

Lots of clever features including voice communication, groups, forums, chatrooms (public and private), member-only content and the ability to build your own sites. Check it out.

Noble Art :: eCommerce Store in Magento

Noble Art is a highly successful English company that produces giftware and souvenirs for worldwide distribution. I have built them a beautiful, engaging shop with a one page checkout built combining the power of Magento, the world’s best open source ecommerce platform.

BBC :: Lead Consultant for the BBC’s first Broadband Website

Planning and developing the BBC2’s new ‘showcase’ broadband website. The website was written in XHTML, CSS and JavaScript and featured many Flash 7 and 8 enhancements. The site contained many advanced features, including the BBC’s first use of Flash 8 streamed video and the ability for the site to dynamically render assets according to both GOIP, bandwidth and system capabilities. All elements of the site also had to be totally accessible. Whilst I was there, I was also invited on two occasions to meet with senior American representatives from Macromedia to discuss improvements to Flash both as software and as a platform, and also to advise the BBC’s design teams on how to co-work with developers on Flash projects.

Face Africa :: Php Website

Html / Php Website for African travel company, Face Africa one of AquaTerras clients.

Martyn Gregory :: Html Website

Buillt an Html website for Martyn Gregory, an art dealership that is a client of AquaTerra.  

NHS University :: Html Intranet Site

It was my responsibility to redevelop and extend their existing Intranet Site to incorporate a “Developing New Processes” section and other additional content. The majority of the work involved converting existing word documentation into xhtml and the editing of existing intranets’ navigation. I was also involved in numerous meetings to establish best practice.