BBC Jam :: Planning & implementation of a BBC Jam project

It was my responsibility to help Illumina Digital, a top digital content provider, plan and implement a Digital Curriculum Project for the BBC’s Jam site. The cutting-edge commission involved users collaborating on a series of missions through which they could learn or test themselves on all aspects of the science curriculum. The project featured interactive video feeds with real-time updates and all content was localised for English, Welsh, Scottish and Gaelic speakers. I was also responsible, after my work at Microsoft, for writing the web service classes that the project was built on.

BBC :: Lead Consultant for the BBC’s first Broadband Website

Planning and developing the BBC2’s new ‘showcase’ broadband website. The website was written in XHTML, CSS and JavaScript and featured many Flash 7 and 8 enhancements. The site contained many advanced features, including the BBC’s first use of Flash 8 streamed video and the ability for the site to dynamically render assets according to both GOIP, bandwidth and system capabilities. All elements of the site also had to be totally accessible. Whilst I was there, I was also invited on two occasions to meet with senior American representatives from Macromedia to discuss improvements to Flash both as software and as a platform, and also to advise the BBC’s design teams on how to co-work with developers on Flash projects.

Microsoft :: Technical Consultant

The Digital Curriculum (including the now defunct BBC Jam) provided e-learning for all schools in the UK. It delivers high quality video, audio and interactive educational content over the Web. I was employed as part of the IM Group, to work as a consultant for Microsoft (and whilst there, Hewlett Packard). I advised and instructed the project managers on the best way to implement a Flash GUI throughout the Digital Curriculum. I was also responsible for developing a range of Flash/JavaScript API’s in ActionScript 2 for integrating the projects Web Services for use by all content providers.