Kelly Brook :: Website and Secure CMS

Whilst at Drive Business, the leading eCommerce company, i was responsible for the planning, ux and build of a new website for Kelly Brook, the actress. We built a beautiful site with a great UX, featuring a wealth of photography and video. Another significant feature was that Kelly and her management team were able to add and amend all content via a secure CMS.

Reiss :: Flash Look Book

Whilst at Drive Business, the leading eCommerce company, I was responsible for the creation of a Flash look book for one of their main clients, Reiss. This flash application resided on the homepage of their main website and after extensive User Experience (UX) research we created a simple UI enabled the user to quickly find the type and style of clothing that they sought in a visually immersive and engaging way.

Saatchi & Saatchi :: Technical Director

I was contracted by Saatchi and Saatchi’s in London to direct them in ‘bringing Digital to the heart of the agency’ after the demise of Saatchi Interactive. It was my responsibility to run all London-based Digital work, brainstorm with the creative’s (mainly with the global creative director), assist the Head of Operations’ in sorting process, scope and Digital project management. I was also responsible for building a scalable supply network of third party companies that Saatchi’s could utilise on specific Digital projects, recruiting both freelancers and permanent staff and vetting all client pitches from a creative and technical perspective. The London-based work I oversaw included Visa, T-Mobile, Atlantis, Starbucks, Cadburys, NSPCC, Axa, General Mills, the Marine Stewardship Council and the rebuilding of Saatchis website.

T-Mobile :: Androids Launch in the UK

Whilst at Saatchi and Saatchi I was responsible for technically overseeing the launch of the Android platform in the UK for TMobile. Items included the creation of the UK’s first Android game, an AS3 Flash micro site and a wealth of online advertising for the UK launch of the G1 Phone from Google (the UKs first Android phone). The G1 Mapping Game / Engine utilised the new Open Source mobile Android operating system and could be played on the phone or downloaded as a Open Source SDK from T-Mobile to assist developers to develop new, map-based games. The AS3 site also included a game with full database driven scoring and viral functionality. Throughout both projects I had to liaise regularly with Google, their business and technical contacts and the our games developers. In addition to this, I also managed a series of multi-lingual rich-media banner campaigns including one for the launch of the new G1 Phone from Google and assisted in the procurement of suitable external companies to work on a new dance-based avatar’ campaign.

The G1 Mapping Game – The UKs first Android Game

The G1 Website

The G1 Banner

Dance Off

Double Your Credit Campaign Website

Double Your Credit Campaign Banners

Atlantis – The Palm :: Technical Project Management

Atlantis – The Palm is a luxury hotel based at the Palm, Dubai. Whilst at Saatchi and Saatchi I was it was my responsibility to advise the account directors’ on the best way to implement their clients Digital offerings. Work overseen included a Paper Vision based content carousel with a full CMS for their site, a variety of flash assets for their American hosted/built site and numerous email rich-media mail campaigns for delivery via their preferred mail marketing companies. I also assisted the Account Director compile the Atlantis 2009 Digital Agenda presentation for Sol Kerzner.

Starbucks :: Website Rebuild

Whilst at Saatchi and Saatchi I was responsible for overseeing the London-based rebuilding and populating of a website that had been initially built for Starbucks by their American-based web development agency. The overriding issue was the lack of flexibility in the existing AS3 code to implement content changes efficiently and I advocated the rewriting of the classes to cater for an xml-based content structure for easy updating and localization and to ensure future coding compatibility.

Metropolitan Police :: AS3 Website Bug Solving

Bug solving on a Flash 9, AS3 site built by a freelancer.