CV – WordPress


I have been using wordpress professionally for over 8 years now. I am incredibly well-versed in all areas from custom theme and plugin creation, security, performance, multisite installlations, api access  – both internal and external etc.  I have built over 50 wordpress sites entirely on my own and have, in addition, managed some very large and complex wordpress builds for some leading brands including its use as a facebook applicatio framework and a mobile app backend . I also regularly give seminars on wordpress and have contributed to the core code.

WPMotion ( :: Premium WordPress Theme based on Reveal JS (2014) WPMotion is a 3D enabled premium wordpress theme that i have been developing this year. It is based around Reveal JS an HTML5 presenattion framework. It has an ultra minimal ui that presents your content individually, allowing it to breath. Navigation is a breeze by clicking, swiping or even gesturing with leap motion. There’s an impressive array of presentational and transitional effects available both in 3D and 2D and over 100 individual parameters that can applied and all wordpress features are supported too.

Momondo ( WordPress Site Performance Optimisation (12.2013) I was contracted as a consultant to assist Momondo, one of the leading online travel websites, to access and improve their PPC, SEO optimised website that was based on WordPress. The majority of the challenges faced were orientated around the hight traffic loads that the site was experiencing (in excess of 200,000 visitors per day) and a over-reliant, inefficient use of plugins. I was responsible for porting the site to a staging environment, fine tuning elements of the theme, upgrading and improving plugins performance and creating minified content, optimising caching for pages, the database and objects. I was also responsible for tailoring the work flow and administration screens to be more company / use centric.

Albert Bartlett ( Global Website WordPress Platform with localised sites and ECRM. (11.09.2012)

I was responsible for the build of a global website platform for Albert Bartlett, the leading grower, packager and suppliers of potatoes. The client wanted a platform that could scale efficiently over time and permit a range of sites from full functionality localised sites enabling each territory to maintain autonomy through bespoke content, varying tone of voice and look and feel.


The platform was based on a heavily modified version of WordPress running in multisite mode and had eCRM functionality built in as well for seamless email marketing via Campaign Monitors API. We built the site on a Twitter Bootstrap-based framework enabling both wire-framing, IA and prototyping to be done in the browser with pixel perfect designs and layouts that could be ‘coloured in’ after approval. This novel and time-efficiently approach saved a lot of time and money compared to similar projects. Other bits of functionality included a database of their suppliers that populated an Ajax-based map, a compete product section, clever url rewriting and an interactive history of the brand.

Panasonic ( European Roll-out for Community Platform based on WordPress (09.09.2012)

The ’Lumix Lifestyle’ UK community site is based in WordPress and enabled professionals and amateurs alike to share images, techniques and complete in competitions all in a helpful, non sales orientated environment  Due to the success of the community the client decided to roll out a similar platform across all their European territories. My involvement was to do a technical and code analysis on the existing platform that had evolved over time with numerous developers and make recommendations as to how the sites look and feel could be transported whilst completely overhauling the back-end to make more flexible, secure and future proof. The clients main requirement was to be easily able to manage the communities from within their local territories and seamlessly turn on or off localised content, assets and functionality within the shared platform. My recommendation was to use BuddyPres thats combined with a host of other bespoke and premium plugins on a multisite installation of WordPress.

Ellas Kitchen ( Global Website, Email and eCRM Platform based on WordPress (02.04.2012) The website was designed on the clients request to emulate the cartoon look and feel of the brand including ‘wiggly borders’ on all assets. The site was a full rebuild mainly in PHP and HTML5 with the odd flash asset for selected animation. Full localisation for European territories, America and Australia is possible and further territories could be added at will. All content and functional modules could be seamlessly deployed between territories creating both content aggregation, convenience and economies of scale. Customer details were also stored centrally and a Single Customer view was achieved that proves invaluable in email marketing and intelligent design and communication. eCommerce was the most recent addition to the platform enabling all their products to be purchased and their inventory to be managed centrally

Nash Bond (  WordPress Site (04.11-05.11) Nash Bond is one of Londons leading estate and retail agents covering areas like Chelsea and Oxford Street. I was contracted by Underscore to convert their Photoshop designs into a wordpress theme. The site included custom post types and carousels and had to utilise some of Underscores existing wordpress plugins. The backend was greatly enhanced by the use of Advanced Custom fields.

DEFRA (httpHYPERLINK “”://HYPERLINK “”engageHYPERLINK “”.HYPERLINK “”defraHYPERLINK “”.HYPERLINK “”govHYPERLINK “”.HYPERLINK “”ukHYPERLINK “”/HYPERLINK “”landscape):  WordPress Magazine Site (04.11-05.11)

Seven is a Digital Customer Engagement Agency who make iPhone/iPad Apps and provide Web Solutions for clients like Sainsburys and Virgin. I was recruited by them to create a WordPress-based site for DEFRA, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs to replace their existing print-based magazine, Landscape. Built using WordPress 3.1 the image heavy site was designed from the ground up to mimic the incumbent magazine. The theme was built as a child-theme of twentyten designed to run in a multi site environment.  Due to this multisite setup and it being hosted on government servers, a prerequisite of site was that the theme would have its core functionality embedded, minimizing its reliance on external plugins. The vast array of bespoke functionality included enabling multiple issue creation, colour coded sections, bespoke CMS configurations and a mass of photography based functionality.


Line Communications (wwwHYPERLINK “http://documents/Downloads/”.HYPERLINK “http://documents/Downloads/”lineHYPERLINK “http://documents/Downloads/”.HYPERLINK “http://documents/Downloads/”coHYPERLINK “http://documents/Downloads/”.HYPERLINK “http://documents/Downloads/”uk):  Corporate WordPress Site (03.11-04.11)

Line Communications is a market leader in bespoke e-learning content development with clients including Barclays, KPMG, Ford and Toyota. I was contracted by them to update and improve their existing WordPress-based website. Working closely with their marketing department to work out their new requirements and ways they currently used their site, I reinstalled WordPress, imported their data, updated the existing plugins whilst checking compatibility, and then updated their bespoke theme in a variety of ways including making the theme compatible with the improved functionality of WordPress 3.0, updating the design to incorporate the new site designs from the supplied PhotoShop files, adding an elegantly degrading post slideshow that works in Internet Explorer 6 and adding the ability to seamlessly pull in their Twitter content and YouTube channel.


Ki Performance (wwwHYPERLINK “”.HYPERLINK “”kiperformanceHYPERLINK “”.HYPERLINK “”coHYPERLINK “”.HYPERLINK “”uk):  Wordpress / BuddyPress Sites (06.10 – 12.10)

Ki Performance is an health and wellbeing company offering a range of services built around it’s armband-based life monitoring technology. I was contracted by Ki Performance to build a selection of flash applications for use within their site. These applications included a flash portfolio, a service configurator and a range of product based micro site prototypes. I also was responsible for creating Captivate tutorials for online guidance to using their products. In addition to the flash work i was responsible for creating a selection of diet and health based WordPress sites that relied heavily on the social networking features of BuddyPress and could be used by affiliate companies as a white-labelled solution.


OutSorcery: ( WordPress Site (01.10 – 06.10)

OutSorcery is one of EuroRSCG’s top creative agencies providing both print and digital-based work for its numerous clients. I was invited by them to build a new portfolio based site in WordPress. It is their main, client facing website.


JWT (wwwHYPERLINK “”.HYPERLINK “”jwtHYPERLINK “”.HYPERLINK “”coHYPERLINK “”.HYPERLINK “”uk): Creative Developer / JWT Digital (01.07 – 04.08)

I was primarily employed to work on the Shell account as their Creative Developer advising both the client and colleagues and developing applications and sites. Over time however, being the only ‘permanent developer’ in JWT I became more involved with JWT-specific work, driven by JWT’s Global Creative Director, Craig Davis. Other work included assisting with ‘flash’ problems for other clients and giving lessons to JWT’s employees on all things Digital.

SKILLS I am very experineced in PHP, HTML5, CSS3, CSS2, CSS1, JS, JQUERY, NODE, GRUNT, SASS, LESS, MySQL, AS3, AS2, APIs, OAuth, Bootstrap3, Bootstrap2, Semantic UI. I have limited knowledge and professional use of Java, C#, ASP, .Net, MongoDB.


Full references and work urls are available upon request.