CV – Technical Director

Richard Max – An Introduction

I am looking for senior Technical and / or Creative positions within Digital Marketing, Products or compelling start-ups (Technical Director, CTO, Head of Creative Technology or Head of Digital) on either a freelance or, if the right role, permanent basis.

Work Summary

Hogarth Worldwide – WPP ( Freelance Technical Director (12.13 – 03.14)

  • Working on apps, websites, online tools and digital display advertising for the likes of HSBC, Santander, Dior, BetFair and British American Tobacco.

  • Assisted outsourcing the majority of their development work to their rapidly growing network of owned off shore development teams.

  • Ultimately owning all internal technical decisions relating to both projects and how they are built and how both developers and QA work

  • Writing technical documentation on sites, builds and apis and Helping PMs with briefs, SOW’s and Functional Specs.

  • Assisting HR to recruit the right fulltime employees (developers and QA) and project-based freelancers (Mobile, PHP + Front-end)

  • Helping align the design team with frameworks (Bootstrap) and principles (Mobile First) to ensure the minimum friction between London-based design and offshore development.

  • Assisting the trans-creation team (localization) in automating the translations of large Drupal, WordPress and custom CMS based sites

  • Advised on internal technical projects like Zadar, SocialStream and Dep

Native ( Lead Creative Technologist (02.13 – 11.13)

Native Design is a leading integrated experience design company with clients like Apple, Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, Audi, Mercedes, Bentley and the BBC. I was employed as the lead creative technologist on projects including:


Pernod Ricard is the owner of leading brands like Absolute Vodka and Beefeater Gin on a new business / brand. They have released a press release of the project I was involved with, entitled Project Gutenburg. It was a prototype that aims to reinvent the at-home cocktail experience sell alcohol directly to the consumer and gain previously unavailable data insights into alcohol consumption. My work involved creating the 8 prototypes, the dock, managing the IOS, Android and Arduino development teams, regularly travelling to Paris to discuss technical elements with the client and setting up and installing the demonstration. In addition I also had to prototype the seamless customer ecommerce experience through both the app and the website. I did this by developing a custom Magento build. Project Gutenburg Video:


Hewlett Packard on a range of next generation Windows and Android products including UX designs and XAML implementation of a Windows 8 based cutting-edge PC, the 2015 prosumer laptop range and HP’s new Android launcher (skin + custom apps) for a new range of tablets.


SFR Frances largest telecoms owned by Vivendi, on their next generation set top box and a range of home-based connected products all using ‘the Internet of things’.


Bowers and Wilkins, the leading speaker manufacturer on the next generation, award-winning Zeppelin speaker dock and its acoustically enabled companion mobile app for both Android and IOS.


In addition to the client-centric creative technology areas above i was also responsible for:

  • Sourcing, recruiting and managing their Windows, Android, IOS and Arduino developers

  • Establishing a secure, scalable developer environment (GitHub Enterprise Edition, Jira, HipChat)

  • Setting up a Dev, Staging and Production (EC2) server and the associated work flows to support it.

  • Technically vetting all their internal Labs projects

  • Installing a company-wide knowledge-sharing platform

  • Assisting the directors, both technically and creatively, on many successful pitches too.

Billington Cartmell Group (, etc): Technical Director (01.12 – 11.12)

As the group’s Technical Director I reported directly to the owners and worked on the following clients: Unilever, GSK, Panasonic, Philips, Ecover, Dove, AirWaves, Sennheiser, Ellas Kitchen and Albert Bartlett. I was responsible for:

  • Leading and overseeing the code, technology (creative and functional) on all projects within the group, ranging from brand website’s to Facebook and Mobile apps, e-learning tools, bespoke software, experiential events and in-store tech.

  • Responsible for rebuilding the group’s websites, managing all internal software builds including e-learning software, HTML5 presentation builders and a new internal communication platform which replaced existing intranets and wikis, and brought Facebook-type social interactions to the organisation.

  • Liaising with internal and external partners and start-ups (Global Dawn, Screach, TvTak, D-Fusion, Aurasma, Blippar, SlingShot, eTail etc)

  • Managing external production and outsourcing (local, near-shore and offshore)

  • Technical specification writing, open source evangelism, training, mentoring.

  • Instagated an HTML5 / PHP framework that allowed reusable, modular and responsive code development for websites, mobile, software and Facebook apps in order to cut costs, increase productivity, flexibility and profit,

  • Wrote and helped instigate a new group-wide Digital process, ensuring all work was version controlled (GitHub) and rolling out the use of Atlassian’s Jira and HipChat within Digital production.

  • Acted as a Creative Technology Head by technically overseeing and coming up with concepts, assisting concept teams and creatives, enhancing ideas and pitches, doing feasibility analysis (tech, timings and budget) and approving ideas before a client has visibility.

KitKattNohr Digitas ( Technical Lead for Team GB (06.11 – 12.11)

  • Brought technical leadership to a range of private, public and secure websites for TeamGB and the British Olympic Association (BOA).

  • Built 6 websites were all built using Drupal 7 and leveraged a multisite Drupal configuration. Additional modules, including Organic Groups, Views, Mollom, WYSIWYG and Backup, were used and great care was taken to ensure the stability and maturity of these modules before signing off their acceptance within the build.

  • Traditional (‘waterfall’), agile and prototyping build processes were all utilised and all the project management was done via Jira.

  • I was heavily involved in all areas of business including board level discussions with KitKattNohr Digitas’s new merger-driven management team (Paul Kitkatt / Mark Nohr).

  • Worked with creatives, wrote business and technical documentation, helped manage budgets and project burn.

  • Dealing daily with the client on a range of technical and non-technical issues

  • Managing self-appointed and client-appointed third-parties

  • Recruiting and managing front and backend developers, both in house and remote


HyperNaked ( Freelance Technical Director (04.11 – 06.11)

I was contracted as Technical Director to assist with two campaigns (Cadburys and Pedigree) and a variety of pitches, whilst their existing Technical Director was on leave. It was also my duty to act as a creative technologist when required, assisting the creatives with technical challenges.


Cadbury – Keep Team GB Pumped (

Hyper’s integrated campaign for Cadbury sponsorship of the London 2012 Olympics rallied the nation behind TeamGB by getting supporters to help re-record versions of 6 iconic power training anthems via Facebook, YouTube, live radio phone-ins and recording booths. It was a multi million pound campaign and ran over a 9 month period in the run up to London 2012 delivering more than 327 million opportunities to see and, making Cadbury more recognised as a Sponsor of the Olympics than Adidas.


It was intensely rich and technical and relied on advanced AS3 Flash development (recording-editing-compiling video and audio on the fly) and Red5, the open source media server. The hosting utilised an array of cloud-based, scalable servers from Amazon and Endava (Kraft’s preferred server provider). I was responsible for all the technical specifications, meetings with Google re their partnership with YouTube, researching, evaluating and appointing the Technical partners, streamlining the projects scope and budget and managing the various hosting partners and technologies.

Ki Performance ( CTO (06.10 – 03.11)

I was appointed Chief Technical Officer (CTO) of Ki Performance, a leading health and wellbeing technology company, to:

  • Maintain and develop their ASP-based eCommerce site

  • Plan and develop white-labelled health and diet portals

  • Create affiliate technologies to increase sales opportunities

  • Manage all their technical relationships with third parties.

  • Managed their WordPress-based blog, YouTube channel and other online press and PR activities

  • Design, build, plan and deploy a successful rich media campaign aimed at increasing product sales

Drive Business ( Freelance Technical Director (01.09 – 06.09)

Drive Business is a leading eCommerce provider whose clients included Gant, Reiss, All Saints and Hooch. I was contracted as Technical Director to:

  • Install process and bring strategy and innovation to this rapidly expanding organisation.

  • liaising with these lead clients and assisting with their digital strategies to push sales both in store and online through creative technical solutions.

  • Assisting in client pitches in both a creative and technical capacity

  • Running a full evaluation of their existing eCommerce platform, Enrich and writing the technical scope for a new, improved version

  • Rolling out the company-wide use of Jira, resulting in increased transparency throughout the organisation and their global offices.

Saatchi & Saatchi ( Freelance Technical Director (09.08 – 12.08)

I was contracted by Saatchi and Saatchi’s London to assist them in ‘bringing Digital to the heart of the agency’ after the planned closure of Saatchi Interactive. It was my responsibility to:


Run all London-based Digital work

brainstorm with creative

  • Assist the Head of Operations’ in sorting process, scope and Digital project management.

  • Built a scalable supply network of third parties (local and offshore)

  • Recruiting both freelancers and permanent staff (frontend / backend developers and creative technologists)

  • Vetting all client pitches from a creative and technical perspective.

  • Launched the UK’s first Android phone – the G1 from Google

  • Created the UK’s first Android-based Game and an accompanyting game creation SDK.

  • Two large Digital campaigns for Visa (website build and banners)

  • Advising and leading Atlantis – The Palm on media and mobile technology for their launch

  • Rebuilding the Starbucks US website and R&D

  • Technical specifications on a touch screen game for Cadburys.

Further Work Summary and Urls

In addition to the above I’ve also worked, generally as a developer, for a massive array of companies including Microsoft, EA, BBC, Citroen, Orange, Nokia, Vodaphone, Momondo, Credit Suisse, BBC Jam, Cable & Wireless, Criminal Justice System, Intel, Dove, McDonalds, Fiat, Cisco, Thomas Cook, NHS University, QCA, InMarSat, Cazenove, KPMG and Consignia.