Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA) :: Lead CBT Consultant

Steria, the leading IT services provider in Europe, employed me primarily as the lead CBT consultant on their clients, the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA) new Diploma aggregation service that was to be used by schools to manage all UK-based students’ qualifications. I had to attend high level discussions with the client and decide on the best approach to take to roll out the CBT in stages. It was then my responsibility to design and build the web-based and CD-Rom CBT packages for the four different levels of users by utilizing Flash, Xml & Captivate. It was also my responsibility to setup Subversion-based source control running Trac for errors and tasks. At the project I had over 9 people working for me writing tutorials, developing, capturing content and QA.

Vodafone :: Product Presentation

Creation of an interactive Flash presentation for Vodafones’ executives explaining the next generation mobile technologies. Use of AS1 and AS2 to bring their Adobe Illustrator slides to life, navigation was controlled via the keyboard using the same commands as PowerPoint. It was published and distributed both as an .exe and a CD-ROM.

Cable & Wireless :: eLearning Tutorial Viewer

I was recruited by Cable & Wireless to finish off an online tutorial viewer and Cd-rom that was part of the Secure Email service that they were building for the Criminal Justice System. It was my responsibility to add a range of additional features to the existing viewer that they had built and also to enable the application to work efficiently both online and offline as a CD-Rom. The code was AS2 and tutorials were captured via Macromedia’s Captivate.

AITC (Association of Investment Trusts) :: Flash-based CD-Rom

Flash-based CD-Rom that I developed for London-based developers, Webb Technologies and their client Egg Interactive. The CD contained a real-time interface for updating text, uploading presentations, interaction with their XML-based extranet, an interactive search engine, the ability to recognise users and write data to the hard drive for use at a later date.

WHSmiths :: Interactive CD-Rom with QuickTime videos

Created for leading London-based design agency, Big Fish. The WHSmiths Amazing Adventures CD-Rom, which is still on sale, was flash-based and contained QuickTime videos, audio channels and a wealth of information on over 30 different adventure activities.