Brand WordPress Theme

brand-wordpress-themeBrand is one of the most advanced WordPress themes on the market built with brands in mind. It is more than just a theme, it’s more like a creative framework that empowers designers and non coders to create beautiful, powerful, flexible and stable websites instantaneously that can then be endlessly customised via Photoshop or css. I’ve taken care of all the hard, technical stuff so you can crack on and do what’s important – designing and delivering beautiful websites both on time and on budget that look exactly the way you or your clients want. Brand contains enhanced social network functionality enabling groups, forums, friends, content streams, public and private chats etc. It also has built social network compatibility including Facebook, Spotify, Souncloud, MySpace, YouTube, Linked In and Twitter.

Summary of important Brand features:

  • Works straight out the box
  • Totally configurable by an intuitive, easy to use, interface
  • Self-slicing PhotoShop files (with Smart Objects)
  • Supports advanced flash content
  • Responsive. Works beautifully on mobiles and touch screens
  • Optimized for good SEO from the outset
  • Elegantly degrades in old browsers
  • Works in IE6
  • Fully Accessible
  • Compatible with WordPress 3.0 plug-ins (including BuddyPress, Nivo, SmoothSlider, SIFR, NextGenGallery etc)